The SpaceShaft

At this website, (the home of The SpaceShaft Endeavor,) we want to introduce our visitors to a new and revolutionary method for a permanent and economical system that could make access to space a truly popular routine. From the implementation of such a system, a resulting semi-permanent structure can be erected. This resulting structure is called a SpaceShaft and its name comes from the fact that it pierces upright through the dense regions of the planet’s atmosphere up to a region at which air density is negligible. And this, all the way up to altitudes at which any Space Agency, (such as NASA, ESA, etc.,) will admit that the surrounding environment around the summit of the shaft is that of a space-environment. And make no mistake; a SpaceShaft is a structure which can definitely be catalogued as a Space Elevator because it can lift heavy space vehicles up to altitudes at which typical 1st stage rockets systems are traditionally used, (for example; as to allow for the 2nd stage of rockets systems to initiate their journey into orbital flight,) and so completely eliminating the expensive need of such a rocket’s system 1st stage. More specifically, (but not limited,) this will be up to altitudes, of over 50 km (31 miles) on what is considered a sub-orbital altitude, from which Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) type of rockets can be launched or allowed to take-off. .And the launch or take-off of such SSTO rockets could be either by means of assisted launching methods or by the rocket’s own propulsion systems. Unlike the currently popular system of a single tether rotating synchronously with Earth and reaching all the way up to a Geo-Stationary-Orbit (GEO), this structure does not make specific use of a tether for its deployment or operation. And it certainly would not need the centrifugal forces for its stability as would be necessary with the “Centrifugally Extended Carbon Nano Tube Tether Space Elevator” (CECNTTSE) for it to work at all. Specifically, this proposed method has been defined as a Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Combined Method of Construction and Transportation. And this method has been specifically developed as an application for the deployment of an atmosphere breaching space elevator. At the following pages we want to introduce both; “the method of deployment” and “the system usage” described only in a qualitative manner. For a rigorous analysis the reader is invited to request our papers.